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Antiracism TrainingCHICAGO ROAR uses a facilitation/presentation approach that includes interactive discussion, small group discussions, multi-sensory engagement, reflection, and video. All workshops are conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect, caring and courage.

Facilitation teams for all workshops consist of one Person of Color and one White Person. Because our experience shows that a mixed-race training team creates more liberating and safe space for participants. We also strive to maintain gender balance between co-facilitators when possible.

Most workshops are available bilingually – Spanish/English. Please contact us to learn more.


Critical Cultural Competency – 4-8 hrs
Critical Cultural Competency (CCC) helps us understand that we are all cultural beings, shaped by the socially constructed groups we are a part of and that each of us has multiple sites of cultural shaping (race, generation, gender, sexuality, class, geography, language, etc). CCC also helps to both name and interrupt these dynamics, not by learning about cultural differences and similarities of every group, but by reflecting on how we are shaped by the socially constructed groups we belong to and recognizing that some groups have more power in society than others. This workshop is designed to help participants: create the spaces for each of us to be self-reflective about out own shaping; understand the power dynamics in society that impact us; develop the skills to interrupt old patterns and inequitable practices that limit access and exclude some people 
from our institutions; 
and begin to understand how to make decisions based on multiple perspectives where all people can be heard and 

Introduction to Systemic Racism – 4-8 hrs
Introduction to Systemic Racism workshop, introduces participants to the idea that racism is a systemic, institutional problem of power and creates the rationale for a structural intervention to dismantle it. The Introductory Workshop demonstrates that productive conversations about race are possible and that Chicago ROAR has an effective methodology for facilitating them. Participants also get a sense that antiracism work does not stop with participating in a workshop; that we also have a strategic methodology to assist people in dismantling racism in their institutions.

Introduction to Food Justice Workshop – 4-8 hrs
Introduction to Food Justice is similar to the Introduction to Systemic Racism workshop (above) but includes an added component for those who want to explore their understanding of the connections between food justice, the food system, systemic racism and oppression, and antiracism.

Introduction to Anti-bias/Antiracist Education (ABAR) – 4-8 hours
Introduction to ABAR Education workshop is designed for educators working with children and youth in all settings, including early childhood, religious education, after school programs, public and private schools, and teacher education programs at colleges and universities.
Participants will:

This workshop is also offered as a 2-day workshop with hands on application and lesson planning. The 2-day version of the ABAR Education workshop has a prerequisite of attending the Analyzing and Understanding Systemic Racism workshop (below).

Analyzing and Understanding Systemic Racism – 2.5 days
The purpose of this Crossroads antiracism training event is to provide an opportunity for the participants to explore an introductory analysis of systemic racism and to begin to discern how this analysis shapes their work. Participants will also examine basic strategies for dismantling racism within their organization. 
At this workshop participants are invited to:


Antiracism Transformation Team Development
Because racism is a systemic problem structured into institutions, the antidote needs to be structured into institutions as well. As such, CHICAGO ROAR, in partnership with Crossroads, offers an innovative process for creating Antiracism Transformation Teams made up of institutional leaders, employees, and other stakeholders. This strategy is recommended for institutions committed to long-term transformation with a vision 15-30 years into the future. Teams receive training to organize inside their institutions, working to shape awareness of systemic racism and identifying internal barriers to change. They then create strategies to dismantle racism on all levels, help develop a new cultural identity based on antiracist values, and redesign structures that share power in ways accountable to People of Color and other oppressed groups.

Once trained, Chicago ROAR remains a committed partner and offers ongoing support to Teams. Creating an Antiracism Transformation Team is an intentional process that requires the support and endorsement of institutional leadership in order to move from a small group of people interested in a more racially diverse and just organization, to full implementation of a Strategic Plan created by the Antiracism Transformation Team. The time from initial inquiry to the beginning of Team Training varies widely from institution to institution, and can take anywhere from six months to two years. Please contact us for more details on the steps to creating an Antiracism Transformation Team.

On-going Team Support & Capacity Building
In partnership with Crossroads, Chicago ROAR coordinates and hosts workshops designed to assist teams in deepening their antiracism organizing and training skills within the context of their institution.