Organizing for Change

Recognizing that racism goes beyond personal prejudice, Crossroads focuses on internal institutional organizing. We work extensively with institutional leaders to determine the best strategies for moving forward based on desired outcomes and goals. Crossroads offers a distinctive power analysis of how racism functions within institutions, and has developed an effective process for communicating this power analysis within the context of institutions working to dismantle racism.

Nearly three decades of experience has shown us that when leaders act as ‘inside change agents’ and organize their power to address oppressions internally, the institution is able to move beyond short-term transactional change to long-term transformation.

Using four specific organizing strategies* — power analysis, organizational development, spiritual grounding and community organizing — Crossroads has adapted community organizing concepts to work effectively inside institutions. By equipping leaders to analyze their institution’s structure and dismantle racism and other oppressive systems, they are able to move their institution toward long-term and permanent antiracist and anti-oppressive transformation.

*Adapted from the article Organization Development for Social Change: An Integrated Approach to Community Transformation, by Zak Sinclair with Lisa Russ via the Movement Strategy Center

Art courtesy of Art for Social Justice by Ricardo Levins Morales