Organizing With Institutions

Crossroads main focus is organizing inside institutions to dismantle racism by using a variety of strategies from consulting and strategic planning to structured workshops and training events.

Using a rigorous power analysis, Crossroads helps institutions examine how they perpetuate racism by identifying barriers to just and accountable multicultural diversity.

Once an institution commits to dismantling racism, Crossroads assists them with building capacity and equipping leaders with skills to break down barriers and create antiracist and anti-oppressive structures.

Pivotal to this is Crossroads unique and innovative training process that facilitates building institutional Antiracism Teams.

Antiracism Teams organize within their institutions to create strategies to break down barriers and create antiracist and anti-oppressive structures, policies and procedures. Building an internal antiracism team is recommended for institutions committed to long-term transformation with a vision 20-30 years into the future.

Crossroads is very adept at tailoring its work to meet the distinct needs of each individual institution.

Please contact Crossroads to be put in touch with an Organizer/Trainer to talk about organizing to dismantle racism in your institution.

Art courtesy of Art for Social Justice by Ricardo Levins Morales