Training as a Tool for Organizing

Training and education are powerful tools for organizing to dismantle racism. Depending on your institution’s organizing outcomes and goals, Crossroads organizers will work with your institutional leaders to determine the best steps for moving forward. This may include providing keynote presentations, consultations, leading retreats or facilitating one of our many antiracism workshops.

Crossroads is also able to facilitate the challenging conversations that are often needed to help interrupt problematic dynamics that sometimes arise in doing justice work. From there we assist in finding alternative ways of being that are liberating and based on antiracist transforming values.

All workshops are co-facilitated by one Person of Color and one White Person. Cross-racial collaboration is a core value at Crossroads, as we believe People of Color and White People must actively work together in mutually accountable ways in order to be effective in their work. In addition, we find that a mixed race training team creates a safe and more liberating space for participants. We strive to maintain gender balance between co-facilitators when possible as well.

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