Antiracism Teams

Because racism is a systemic problem structured into institutions, the antidote needs to be structured into institutions as well.

Crossroads offers an innovative process for creating Antiracism Teams made up of institutional leaders, employees, and other stakeholders. This strategy is recommended for institutions committed to long-term transformation with a vision 20-30 years into the future.

Teams receive training to organize inside their institutions, working to shape awareness of systemic racism and identifying internal barriers to change. They then create strategies to dismantle racism on all levels, help develop a new cultural identity based on antiracist values, and redesign structures that share power in ways accountable to People of Color and other oppressed groups.

Once trained, Crossroads remains a committed partner and offers ongoing support to Teams. This includes assigning a lead organizer to answer questions and help with continued strategizing, offering advanced workshops to deepen critical organizing skills (see below), and connecting teams to regional and national networks of institutions doing movement work.

Creating an Antiracism Team

Creating an Antiracism Team is an intentional process that requires the support and endorsement of institutional leadership – from the initial work of a small group of people interested in a more racially diverse and just organization to full implementation of a Strategic Plan created by the Antiracism Team. The time from initial inquiry to the beginning of Team Training varies widely from institution to institution, and can take anywhere from six months to two years. Contact us for more details on the steps to creating an Antiracism Team.

Advanced Workshops for Antiracism Teams

Crossroads offers advanced workshops to assist Teams to advance and deepen their organizing work. These workshops can be adapted based on a Team’s specific needs. (Prerequisite: Completion of Team Training)

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Antiracism Teams
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Institutions led by Crossroads-trained antiracism teams include:

Seattle Race & Social Justice Initiative

Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

Metro Chicago Synod

Oakton Community College

Archdiocese of Chicago

Sisters of Mercy