Race Equity Audit

Crossroads offers race equity audits to help institutions grapple with internal issues of racism. The audit process builds a shared understanding and intersectional analysis of systemic oppression within the United States and its institutions. The race equity audit uses a triangulated design with qualitative and quantitative assessment tools that help institutions map their unique racialized landscape. The audit is also structured to build institutional capacity throughout the process by equipping leaders to internally audit their institution and understand assessment results even once the audit concludes.

Crossroads works with partner organizations to:

  • Assess – quantitatively and qualitatively – how an organization’s programs, products, services, constituent relationships, organizational structure, policies, and its history create and maintain a culture where systemic racism thrives despite its stated commitments to inclusion; 
  • Identify and recommend changes to an organization’s culture and structures that will set-it on a path to become a fully inclusive, multicultural and antiracist institution.


The audit process ordinarily takes 12 to 18 months.