Return to In-Person Engagements

Crossroads has begun to schedule a limited number of in-person engagements. As we make this transition back to in-person work, we seek an approach that is in line with our Transforming Values.

Throughout the pandemic, our team has worked tirelessly to reimagine our work in ways that can be delivered virtually, including workshops, webinars, consultation calls, and other customized engagements. We plan to continue offering digital engagements into the future, not only because they offer impactful and creative solutions, but also because they lessen the social and environmental impacts of our work. Learn more about our digital engagements here

In-Person Workshops

Introductory Workshops

Our in-person introductory workshops are optimal for 25-50 participants, but can be customized for up to a maximum of 100 participants. To learn more our fees and sliding scale, click here

Introduction to Anti-bias/Antiracist Education (ABAR) - 4-8 hours

The Introduction to ABAR Education workshop is designed for educators working with children and youth in all settings, including early childhood, public and private K-12 schools, religious education, after school programs, and teacher education programs at colleges and universities.

Participants will:
  • Discuss the development of social group identities (e.g. race, gender, class etc.) and their relationship to bias and prejudice.
  • Gain insight into how children and adults internalize and act out of these biases.
  • Explore how bias and race prejudice develop, and how they become structured into institutions.
  • Be introduced to the 4 Goals of Anti-bias Education and discover ways to apply them to educational settings.
Workshop Delivery

This workshop is also offered as an advanced 2-day workshop with hands on application and lesson planning. The 2-day version of the ABAR Education workshop has a prerequisite of attending the Understanding and Analyzing Systemic Racism workshop (described below).

Dominating White Ways: Exploring the Commonplace Nature of White Supremacy and its Power to Co-opt Us All - 4-8 hours

White supremacy ideology is perhaps the greatest barrier to achieving socio-political, economic, cultural, and ecological sustainability in the USA. It is critically important that community and institutional leaders grasp the widespread constancy of white supremacy ideology; their conditioned investment in the ideology, and begin to imagine how to collaborate with others to dismantle it.

This daylong workshop will engage the following objectives:

  • Explore the ways white cultural hegemony in the US is commonplace and institutionally transmitted
  • Explore how white cultural hegemony ideology coopts and conditions systems, institutions, and the people that populate them to uphold the ideology of white supremacy in intersectional ways
  • Introduce tools and practices that can disrupt the hegemonic values and ways of being that legitimize the ideology of white supremacy  
Workshop Delivery:

This workshop is highly customizable and adaptable. It can be effectively delivered as a brief four-hour introduction to the key concepts or expanded into a full 6-8-hour day-long workshop which allows participants to go deeper in the key concepts, and apply them to their institutional settings.

Introduction to Systemic Racism – 6-8 hours

The idea that oppression, and in particular, racism, is not only a matter of individual prejudice but a systemic, institutional problem of power is foundational to the Introduction to Systemic Racism workshop, and requires structural intervention to dismantle. The workshop is designed for institutions who want their staff as well as their leadership to understand the systemic nature of racism and the role institutions play in its maintenance.

This workshop:
  1. Introduces a framework for understanding what systemic racism is and what is its relationship to white dominant culture in the USA
  2. Begins exploring how the values of white dominant culture operating through US institutions replicate patterns of intersectional oppression that advantage white people disproportionately and that harm people of color regardless of intent
  3. Invites participants – both individuals and institutions – to consider how they are upholding via institutional practices and norms–often in unintentional ways–systemic racism
  4. Begins unpacking what the long-term strategic work of dismantling institutional practices upholding systemic racism will require of the institution and its stakeholders

Participants to this workshop will gain shared language and frameworks with which to grapple not only their unwitting legitimization of systemic racism but with what committing to the work of dismantling racism and of cultivating antiracist culture and practice in their institutions will require. They will be introduced to a strategic methodology that can assist them to organize the work of dismantling racism in the institutions in which they are invested.

This workshop also provides institutions a way to assess the interest of specific people in the organization who have an “appetite” for doing longer workshops and who may also want to be involved in the long-­term strategic work of dismantling institutional racism and oppression.


Workshop Delivery

Variations on this highly customizable workshop can be delivered in one day with a typical schedule of 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

In-depth Workshops

Our in-depth workshops have a maximum capacity of 40 participants. To learn more our fees and sliding scale, click here.

COMING IN SUMMER 2023: Toward Liberation: Building Shared Analysis to Transform Institutions
About the Workshop:

Toward Liberation is a forthcoming workshop that explores a power analysis of white supremacy and systemic racism in the United States. It is an update of our former “Analyzing and Understanding Systemic Racism” 2.5 day workshop.

The workshop aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Co-actively – in action together – create shared language for talking about how white supremacy and systemic racism operate in the United States society  
  • Explore the historical development of white supremacy and systemic racism in the United States  
  • Experience a sense of one’s individual and collective stake in the reparation and restoration of all creation
  • Grapple with how white supremacy and systemic racism operate by applying a power analysis to systems and institutions
  • Dig into the processes of racialization that misshape all people and consider how to build pathways towards antiracist co-liberation
  • Practice using tools, applying frameworks, and having intentional conversations together in cohorts that build the foundation for antiracist institutional transformation. 
Antiracism Pedagogy across the Curriculum (ARPAC)

This workshop is offered in partnership with two full-time instructors from higher education.

More information is forthcoming.

We try, to the best of our ability, to keep the facilitators’ expenses as low as possible. Generally these include transportation, lodging and meals. We use the GSA per diem rates as a general guideline.