In-Person Engagements

Crossroads seeks an approach to in-person engagements that is in line with our Transforming Values.

 Though Crossroads traveled across the country for many in-person gatherings on a regular basis prior to the pandemic, we are limited in our capacity to do so currently. Thus, any in-person work is being strategically scheduled to meet the particular needs of partner institutions while also considering the impact on our staff and the environment.

 We are happy to offer From White Supremacy Toward Liberation: Building Shared Analysis to Transform Institutions as a three-day intensive workshop anywhere in the United States or US Territories. Shorter engagements are also being offered in and around Chicago IL and St. Louis MO – areas which are in easy driving distance for many of our workshop facilitators. Our team can discuss extenuating circumstances that may give reason to consider exceptions to this guideline.

 Though the emergency status of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, we acknowledge that many vulnerable communities continue to be at risk of severe health complications if infected by the coronavirus or other airborne diseases. Therefore, we are asking those who host workshops to partner with us in following scientific guidance on the practices that have been shown to best protect not only our staff, but all workshop participants.

Learn more about our digital engagements here

We are offering in-person workshops with open registration in Chicago and St. Louis. Click below to see the current schedule and check back regularly for additional opportunities.


Institutions hosting an in-person engagement are responsible to cover travel expenses for two workshop facilitators. We try, to the best of our ability, to keep the facilitators’ expenses as low as possible. Generally these include transportation, lodging and meals. We use the GSA per diem rates as a general guideline.