In-Person Engagements

In the last few months, as hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 decrease and state and local governments end most required mitigations, many organizations have returned to work in person.  This has prompted more requests for in-person engagements with Crossroads.

Crossroads seeks an approach to resuming in-person work that aligns with our Transforming Values:

  • Affirming the inherent worth and value of all living beings: recognizing the needs of all people, with particular focus on those who are immunocompromised or those who are uneasy/uncomfortable about traveling
  • Responsible interdependence: recognizing the social and environmental impact of traveling to workshops and other engagements. Crossroads is committed to reducing our energy consumption by the recommended 45% of our pre-pandemic usage. By far our largest carbon footprint is air travel by our training staff so this requires us to make significant adjustments in how we engage with clients too
  • Expansive inclusivity: considering multiple possibilities and contingencies
  • Abundance: embracing imaginative, creative modes and modalities to meet learning objectives and the needs of our business model and economy
  • Transparency: following scientific/public policy guidelines, practicing open and clear communication with partners, personnel, and other stakeholders
  • Cooperation and collaboration: working in a spirit of collaboration to ensure the flourishing, health, and safety of all; avoiding coercion and pressure; acknowledging power dynamics


Review our COVID-19 Prevention and Wellness Policy (last updated 23 February 2023)