Emily M. Drew

Workshop Facilitator


Dr. Emily Drew (she/her/hers) is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Ethnic Studies at Willamette University, where she teaches courses about racism, white supremacy, immigration, and social change. Her research agenda revolves around understanding how race and racism get institutionalized, with the goal of helping to illuminate more effective strategies for interrupting systemic inequality. Drew’s most recent writing was published in the book Living with Class, with recent research published in the Journal of Urban Affairs and the Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change. She currently works with an Oregon coalition for immigrant rights, and is in the process of publishing new research about mixed-status Latino families living “Under One Roof.” With colleagues, Drew has also developed the “AntiRacist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum” (ARPAC) workshop for faculty from all disciplines who are interested in making racial equity and inclusion an essential – not extra – component of their course content and teaching methods. During her two decades of practicing critical pedagogy, Drew has received several teaching awards in recognition of her efforts to build inclusive classrooms and equip students to be effective contributors to efforts for social justice.

Photo Credit: Willamette University