Digital Engagements

Crossroads effectively delivers a variety of training and consulting services digitally using the Zoom platform. Our facilitators make use of pedagogical tools unique to the digital landscape such as break-out rooms, the chat function, breakout rooms, and screen sharing to engage participants. We can also offer custom engagements such as webinars or Zoom Events, which simulates conference attendance.

Throughout the pandemic, our team worked tirelessly to reimagine our work in ways that can be delivered digitally, including workshops, webinars, consultation, and other customized engagements. We plan to continue offering digital engagements into the future, not only because they offer impactful and creative solutions, but also because they lessen the social and environmental impacts of our work.

Digital engagements are ideal for organizations with a remote workforce and in cases where participants are especially vulnerable to communicable diseases like COVID-19. Due to the impact of travel on institutional costs, facilitators’ lives, and the environment, for institutions outside of the central Midwest (Chicago, St. Louis, Springfield IL, and Indianapolis) Crossroads ordinarily encourages digital engagement for any event that is less than two days in duration.

We are offering digital workshops with open registration. Click below to see the current schedule and check back regularly for additional opportunities.