Crossroads offers consulting in three forms:

  • coaching
  • strategic interventions
  • action planning

Crossroads offers coaching with individuals in leadership in organizations with whom we have ongoing antiracism/equity and inclusion work.

Crossroads coaches institutional leaders on how they can more effectively lead organization through a process of antiracist transformation, how they can animate and model new ways of being as a person, and to help them work through challenges or concerns they are encountering in their work.

Strategic Interventions

Crossroads offers consulting to help institutions consider and implement appropriate strategic interventions.

  • Helping institutions think and strategize through challenges
  • Helping institutions think through crises
  • How to think strategically through new opportunities
  • And everything in between
Action Planning

Crossroads offers action planning in partnership with institutional leadership.

  • Typically takes place after some form of diagnostic work about institution’s complicity
  • Helping identify how to intervene most effectively to interrupt practices, policies, etc. that uphold white supremacy
  • Distinct from strategic planning